2020 Podcast Expo

Explore podcasts by presenters & attendees

Podcasts by Presenters

Casted is a podcast for podcasters. Tune in to learn from people who have created successful podcasts.

Host: Lindsay Tjepkema

CrimsonCast is the longest-running podcast focused on IU Athletics. Founded in 2008, the podcast provides regular discussion about Indiana football, Indiana basketball, and interesting things related to being an IU fan.

Host: Galen Clavio

Engage Your Tribe is a podcast about content marketing and audience engagement. What is it about some content that really engages an audience and sparks action? How can you make your content stand out at a time when we’re all suffering from content overload? Can content marketing principles be applied to internal communications? We explore these and many other questions with some of the most savvy and accomplished content marketers in the business.

Host: Jeremy Shere

Million Pound Mission inspires listeners who want to get healthy and get back in control of their nutrition, fitness, health, and lifestyle. The goal is to produce over one million pounds of transformation results.

Host: Adam Schaeuble

My Racist Friend is about the messy parts of relationships that help us grow together. Long-time friends Don and Amy explore societal issues through the authentic lens of their strong mutual connection with each other. This podcast is a creation of the BCC, an organization using Relational-Cultural Therapy (RCT) to promote social change through connection.

Hosts: Don Griffin Jr. and Amy Makice

Whether you’re looking for your first home, second home, or you’re a veteran home buyer, YOU’RE NEXT! Use the NHBG’s 9 steps to get organized and unlock the right house for the right price.

Host: Jeremy Goodrich

Podcasting Bu$iness School delivers tips about forming a successful business around your podcast as we focus on podcast monetization and podcast growth strategies. Whether you are looking to create a side hustle or replace your income and become a full-time podcaster, this show will help you get there!

Host: Adam Schaeuble

The REI Clarity podcast is a path into the mind and strategies of investors who’ve graduated from side hustle investing and are fully leveraging real estate to build financial freedom faster. Many of our guest have found the mountain top and are experiencing early retirement and generational wealth. Every episode will get you closer to that same outcome.

Host: Jeremy Goodrich

Starting a business from scratch is an adventure. Scratch Entrepreneur digs deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.

Host: Jeremy Goodrich

Sick is an investigative podcast about what goes wrong in the places meant to keep us healthy. Award-winning journalists Jake Harper and Lauren Bavis dig deep to share shocking personal stories of medical injustices, and hold accountable the people and institutions meant to care for us.

Hosts: Lauren Bavis & Jake Harper

Podcasts by Attendees

All Careers Considered is a career podcast for students, young professionals, and anyone who loves career stories! It is produced by the Walter Center for Career Achievement at IU Bloomington, which is the career center specifically for College of Arts + Sciences.

Host: Molly Burkhardt

Angles of Lattitude is a podcast for people who want to make an impact in the world with their life’s work. We interview entrepreneurs, experts, and artists who will give you insights from their lives so you can live a life with more intent. 

Host: JC Preston

Behind the Product takes a behind the scenes look at how software products are made. From the people who innovate, to the makers who use their craft, each influencing products in different ways. We put the spotlight on the practices that guide decision-makers to solve challenges.

Host: Zac Darnell & rotating guest co-hosts

Imagine a Place explores the profession of design and the role of place in our lives by sharing insightful perspectives and inspiring stories from those who practice, teach or simply love great design.

Host: Doug Shapiro

In No Dishes, Jordan Davis talks to your favorite people in the Bloomington service industry about their favorite places to go in the foodies scene. On Shift Change episodes, Abel Garcia catches the guests right after a shift in the industry and sees what they are thinking about.

Hosts: Jordan Davis and Abel Garcia

Talking Jazz features conversations, stories, insights, and guided listening with today’s jazz creators hosted by pianist, composer, author, and educator Monika Herzig.

Host: Monika Herzig