2021 Speakers

Learn from expert podcasters how to create and promote an amazing podcast!


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Adam Schaeuble

Podcasting Business School

Founder, Podcasting Business School

Adam Schaeuble is a full time podcaster, podcasting growth, and marketing coach, and the host of Podcasting Business School. Adam’s goal is to teach his students how they can love their show like a hobby, but build it like a business. Adam specializes in the topics of podcast download growth, podcast monetization, audience engagement, and Instagram for podcasters.

Welcome & Podcast Launch Tips: Friday @ 9:00am

Leveraging Social Media as a Podcaster: Friday @ 1:30pm

Podcast Growth Tips: Friday @ 4:35pm

The Community to Client Bridge: Saturday @ 1:30pm

Allison Melody

Food Heals

Host, Food Heals

Allison Melody is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food. As a podcast host, film producer, author & international speaker, Allison’s mission is to inspire people that the body can heal itself when given the tools it needs to do so. Hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” the Food Heals podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier you.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:  Friday @ 10:40am

Getting Sponsors:  Saturday @ 10:15am

Jerome Myers


Founder, Myers Methods, and Host, Dreamcatchers

Jerome Myers is the preeminent authority of dream realization. A believer that dreams can, and should be real, Jerome is the founder and head coach of Myers Methods and has been featured in Black Enterprise, Business Insider, and numerous podcasts. He has developed a system for exiting corporate America and creating a life of impact. Today, he and his company help other apex performers find their calling and live every day on purpose by harnessing the power of his model for a Centered Life, what he calls “the Red Pill.” 

How to Create Amazing Podcast Interviews:  Friday @ 3:05pm

High-Ticket Coaching and Online Events:  Saturday @ 12:45pm

Laura Michelle Powers

Healing Powers

Host, Healing Powers

Laura is an entertainer, celebrity psychic, actress, model, host, singer, writer, and speaker. She is the host of the popular film and television podcast, “Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers,” and her top 100 podcast on Apple Podcasts, “Healing Powers Podcast.” She is the author of 8 books and editing two other books. She travels full time for clients, television and other media appointments, and for the love of traveling. Laura has been featured on  BuzzFeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, The CW, The Jet Set, and many others. She was recently interviewed by Will Ferrell on his podcast, “The Ron Burgundy Podcast.”

How to Get Big Guests and Be a Guest on Big Shows: Friday @ 2:15pm

Selling  Your Own Products and Services: Saturday @ 9:30am

Karl Sona

Streamlined Podcasts

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Streamlined Podcasts

Karl Sona is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Streamlined Podcasts. As a podcaster himself, he quickly understood the two major reasons why mosts podcasts fail: poor quality audio and lack of systems to make producing content easy, fun, and scalable. So he and his partners got to work and launched Streamlined, with the goal to keep podcasters podcasting!

Podcasting Tech to Improve Show Quality: Friday @ 9:45am

Become the Ultimate Connector: Saturday @ 11:00am